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Minutes of Meeting held on 2/11/20



Meeting held on Monday 2nd November, 2020 at 7pm. 

PRESENT: C.Cllr. S.Sanderson P.Cllr.C.Wilkin P.Cllr.M Slater P.Cllr.D.Jessett 

IN ATTENDANCE: L Smyth (Clerk) 

The Meeting commenced at 7.00 pm. 

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions the meeting was held via a Conference Call. 

288 Apologies for Absence Received and accepted from P.Cllr.C.Davies and D.Cllr.G.Gardner. 

289 Declarations of Interest: agenda Item No. 7 (min.295) – P.Cllr.C.Wilkin 

290 Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on 17th August, 2020 

The Minutes were approved as a correct record. They will be signed when the Council can once again meet in public. 

291 Matters Arising – noted under Progress Reports at Minute 292 below. 

292 Progress Reports 

1. Urgent decisions since the last meeting. None 

2. White Moss Blocked Culvert C.Cllr.S.Sanderson is awaiting response from P.Cllr.D.Jessett in respect of arranging a meeting with Cumbria Highways. 

3. Bottom Road – in respect of Traffic Mirrors the Clerk is progressing the matter with urgency. 

4. Public Walk Signage – the Clerk is in discussion with Cumbria Highways to progress this matter. 

5. Small Grants Application for Defibrillator – the Clerk noted Mr.R.Shrapnel responded to her request for assisted funding. Unfortunately the Parish Rooms Committee feel unable to offer assistance as the grant they received was ring-fenced for specified items. The Clerk is seeking alternative funding. 

6. Ground Cutting Contract – the existing contractor has informed the Council he wishes to retire from this position. P.Cllr.D.Jessett offered his services, which the Council gratefully accepted. 

7. Damaged/Dangerous Trees. Matter in progress. 

293 Public Participation/Open Session – members of the Public still remain unable to attend due to the current Pandemic. 

The Clerk noted no matters had been raised with her for discussion at the meeting

294 County Councillor & District Councillor Reports

1 County Report – C.Cllr.S.Sanderson

I have spent the many weeks socially isolating, but as you will all be aware that does not mean there is nothing to do. As Cabinet member for schools and learning dealing with the pandemic it has been very busy. I have attended many virtual meetings through Skype, Zoom externally, and now Microsoft Teams . I mention all this because you may not appreciate socially isolating does not mean you are isolated and relaxed. In fact it has been exhausting especially as difficult decisions have had to be made. The coalition of Labour and Lib Dems have worked very well together and we brief the Conservative shadow Cabinet members regularly. The Leaders have met weekly and with the M.P.s weekly. In Cumbria we are used to crises and the organisation involving all partners works well. The schools have been a particular issue and this continues. In Cumbria we took the decision to hold weekly meetings with schools, colleges and universities and senior officers from different departments. These have continued and are well attended. They bring issues that are emerging and we try to resolve them. We have better than average attendance in Cumbrian Schools. Locally I have asked about lining as they are doing it in areas and have raised issues reported to me and by others. I spoke to a very helpful Highways officer about the blocked culvert and e mailed Darren about the contact and hopefully we have made some progress on that

2. District Report – D.Cllr.G.Gardner Councillor Gardner was unable to participate in the meeting but has submitted her report to the Clerk for information

“This is what I am getting involved in – The Greening Champaign. To help save the planet for the next generation”. • Phase one – (4-6 Months) Engaging the community with easy ideas .There is lots of information about the dangers of Climate Change – – Newspapers – Radio – Books & Magazines – Internet • Solutions to Climate Change are: – Unclear – Mixed messages – Give the impression of needing money – People taking part are not visible • What the public need before they will engage: – To feel included – To feel powerful – To feel successful – For the action to be simple – For the action to be cheap – To feel part of a community • Challenge card for every home – include everyone • Community committee – working together • Simple actions to save CO2, Water & Food Waste • Community celebration of total savings at the end 50 

295 Applications for Development Received from LDNPA

1. Stony Dale – Notification from the LDNP that the application has been granted

2. Applegarth – Notification from the LDNP that the application has been granted

3. Flat 8, Broughton Lodge – Notification from the LDNP that the application has been granted

296 Financial Records

1. Financial Statement for the period 1st April to 2nd November, 2020 – approved

2. Budget 2020-2021 – no change

3. Approval of the following payment:- · Clerk Fee

297 Schedule of Correspondence, Notices, and Publications. Attached at Appendix A. .

298 Councillor Matters Requested the Clerk publicise that the Council are short of new Members

299 Date of Next Meeting TBC. Venue dependent on current pandemic regulations. P.Cllr.C.Wilkin retired from the meeting at 7.40 pm

300 Application for Development – Stonelands Cottage. The Councillors raised no objection to the Plan providing the build is sympathetic to the environment. There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.45 pm

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